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Chandana Manohara
Tao Tantric Facilitator

Chandana Manohara is a mystic, spiritual guide, and ceremony holder, who has dedicated herself to the path of Tao Tantra and has embodied a deep passion for teaching these techniques in a powerful way. She guides women and men into awakening, healing, and deeper connection to their feminine and masculine essence. Chandana has gained profound knowledge and wisdom in these fields from a wide range of leading taoist and tantric masters, but also draws from her personal experience with Kundalini Awakening.

The focus in her work lies strongly in the realm of inner alchemy, kundalini dance, hieros gamos, energy work, womb activation, and the healing of the split between the sacred masculine and feminine and in supporting their return to love, balance, and harmony.



Tao Tantric Seed

Your body is a landscape
of hills and valleys,
woodland and glades,
caves of delight.
Über mich

What is Tao Tantra?

The Tao teaches us to live in harmony with the laws of nature. It can also be interpreted as "the way" to return to the natural world. Through Taoist practices, we can relearn to harmonize with nature by balancing yin and yang, the feminine and masculine energies and by developing chi through powerful meditations and energy work.  Chi is variously known as the "breath of nature".

Tantra teaches reverence, love, and gratitude for the body. It calls us to reclaim respect for the body as the greatest creation of God.  Tantra is the only religion, which is really grounded in the earth, it has roots. Tantra includes all aspects of life, the feminine and masculine essence, the above and below, also our sexuality. Instead of denying parts of existence it unites the opposites in sacred union.


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"Dearest Chandana is the most amazing teacher I could have met on my path of self-exploration. Just the energy field she creates contributes to deep inner work, change and openness. She has a vast amount of knowledge to pass on and a gift of guiding people back to their heart, to feeling more, to connecting to the incredibly overpowering energy of this universe, to coming home to your true self. I recommend participating in any workshop or evening group/meditation to anyone who is willing to shed the layers of conditioning and to look what beauty lies in opening and surrendering to living from your heart space, connected to the whole universe, grounded to Mother Earth."

– Romi Deift –


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