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Womb Awakening Retreat

23. February - 25. February 2024

  • Ended
  • 270 Euro
  • Berlin

Available spots

Service Description

We have forgotten the secrets of the womb – and our own power and destiny as women. Now is the time to reclaim it. Our womb power is being summoned back, to help rebirth our suffering earth, and heal the disconnected masculine, in ourselves, in our culture and in the men we love. We are supported by the creatrix of Life, in this sacred mission. All women are being called. This is the rebirth of a feminine-centered spirituality, which also embraces and includes the masculine. It is the feminine way, the path of Love, the opening to union, in every sense, and harmony with nature. This work wakes up your Womb, helps her ‘remember’ her power and sacred purpose, and directly connects her back to the Source of Creation, the Great Mother, the Goddess. Every awakened womb has its own unique sacred signature. It attracts your soulmate, deepens relationships, heals your sexuality, helps you experience full-body orgasms, connects you back to feelings, fills you with dynamic energy and feminine Shakti vitality, makes you a force of nature and positive change in the world and helps heal your deepest soul wounds. Through womb consciousness, we enter the feminine realm of life, which includes and cherishes the body. Through movement, song, ritual and ancient meditation we re-enter a space of celebration and communication with the sacred chalice, our womb. Through our embodiment we reconnect with the essential wisdom of the sacred feminine and the knowledge of our creativity cycles - from conception to menstruation and the ability to create life and give birth. This spiritual approach can also help, if you suffer from premenstrual symptom, menstrual pain, an irregular moon cycle, trauma from miscarriage, abortion, infertility, or other womb related issues, which need healing. Content: • Womb Anchoring • Tibetan Womb Pulsing • Dragon Shakti Breathing • Speaking from the Heart Womb • Sound Journey through the Womb • Anointing Ceremony • Yeshua /Magdalene Aramaic Sacred Union Toning • Blood wisdom and moon cycles • Theory on the womb mysticism and womb medicine wheel What to bring: • Meditation pillow and blanket • Water bottle • Paper and pen • Incense, flowers, and a small snack to share The Retreat will be held in my bohemian apartment and there also lives my cat Taliesin. For booking your spot please send a email request to There are only 6 spots available.

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