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Sacred Union Retreat for Couples

16. February - 18.February 2023

  • Ended
  • 270 Euro
  • Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Service Description

We’ve all heard about Yin-Yang and how this inner balance of masculine and feminine energies is important; but do we really understand why? Why is the balancing of these inner energies so important? What are some of the consequences if they are out of balance? How does our personal experiences of Masculinity and Femininity influence our life and our relationships? While actively engaging in our inner self-healing these and other questions often crystallize as core aspects in our self-healing journey. To explore your inner relationship with the Divine Masculine and Feminine and their state of balance within you, you typically need to look at how we originally perceived these divine energies through your parents/caretakers representing those energies for you in your early stages. Many energetic blocks and hidden aspects lead back to a lack or imbalance of our source of energy. While most of us assume that our primary source lies in masculinity for males and femininity for females, energy work teaches us that primary source is not so much in the singularity of our gender but the unity and balance of both. Internal masculine/feminine imbalances are therefore very often linked to our parental and social influences. They determine our personal attitude towards our own and the other gender and our capacity for self-love and leading a fullfilling relationship with our romantic partner. • Alchemical and tantric theory and practice • Shiva Shakti meditation • Ballancing the feminine and masculine energies within • Energetic and expanding partner exercises • Inner Union techniques and tantric partner union practices Only 3 couples can take part. The price counts per person. The workshop will be held in my bohemian apartment and there also lives a cat. All Workshop and Retreats are held in English and German. Book via sending an email to To stay informed about upcoming classes sign in for the newsletter of this page.

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