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Chandana Manohara

Chandana Manohara is a mystic, spiritual guide, and ceremony holder, who has dedicated herself to the path of Tao Tantra and has embodied a deep passion for teaching these techniques in a powerful way. She guides women and men into awakening, healing, and deeper connection to their feminine and masculine essence. Chandana has gained profound knowledge and wisdom in these fields from a wide range of leading Taoist and tantric masters like Mantak Chia, Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita, David Deida, Leyolah Antara, Shashi Solluna, Minke de Vos and Osho, just to name a few, but also draws from her personal experience with Kundalini Awakening.


Chandana is a renowned, skilled, and certified Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator.  Recently she has given her work some additional direction, by being initiated as grail priestess in France and attending Arcana Courses on Hermetic Magnetism in London, deepening her knowledge of ancient inner alchemy practices. Chandana has trained with the international Grail Mystery School, the Fountain of Life with Seren and Dr. Azra Bertrand on the topics of Womb Awakening and Sacred Union and successfully completed the Womb Awakening Spiral 2 Teacher Training in the UK. Now she is teaching the ancient Path of Womb Mysteries in her classes in Berlin. Chandana is also a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator, ever deepening her embodiment of kundalini shakti and creates a space for profound transformational ecstatic dance journeys.

The focus in her work lies strongly in the realm of inner alchemy, kundalini awakening, hieros gamos and the healing of the split between the sacred masculine and feminine and in supporting their return to love, balance, and harmony.


All her classes are held in English and German!


  • Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor (Mantak Chia)

  • Certified Kundalini Dance Instructor (Leyolah Antara)

  • Certified Tao Tantra Instructor (Shashi Solluna)

  • Certified Womb Awakening Instructor (Fountain of Life)

  • Certified Thai Massage Therapist (Sunshine School Thailand)

  • Certified Chi Nei Tsang and Nuad Bo RarnTherapist (Mantak Chia)

  • Founder of Tao Tantric Seeds

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