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Tao Tantric Retreat for Men and Women

14. April - 16. April 2023

  • Ended
  • 250 Euro
  • Berlin

Service Description

Powerful three days long Tao Tantric practice gathering for Women and Men, who would like to dive deeper into this topic and explore it in a supportive and blissful atmosphere. Together we will increase our way of connecting through awareness and presence. You will learn the basic meditations and energy cultivating exercises from Taoist Master Mantak Chia (“Healing Love through the Tao” author) and powerful tantric rituals and Shiva/Shakti activations, which will leave you nourished, fulfilled and radiant. You will learn how to be more rooted and deeply connected to your male or female essence, which most men and women find difficult to get in touch with nowadays. Many men and women are longing to reclaim this inner god/goddess power, which got so lost due to living in a modern, high-tech, mind and logic oriented, competitive, uprooted lifestyles. Look forward to diving into a profoundly embodied transformative experience. Content: • Taoist and tantric Theory • Microcosmic Orbit • Inner Smile Meditation • Balancing of inner Yin and Yang energies • Shiva Shakti Meditation • Sacred Union practices • Cultivation of sexual energy • Self Love Shiatsu and Jade egg • Partner energy exchange exercises What to bring: • Meditation pillow, blanket and jade egg • Water bottle or thermobottle • Paper and pen • Incense, flowers, and a small snack to share • Fresh clothes, ideally in the color red or white There will be no nudity during the tantric practices and all personal boundaries will be strictly respected. For booking your spot please send a email request to There are only 6 spots available, so don't wait till the last minute reserving your space. The workshop will be held in my bohemian apartment and there also lives my cat Taliesin. All Workshop and Retreats are held in English and German. To stay updated about upcoming classes sign in for the newsletter of this page.

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