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Our sacred blood

"The Alchemical Wedding"



At menstruation exists the possibility for the alchemical Wedding, a woman meets her red King, who psychologically is her inner husband or Animus raising at her period. If a Woman is able to use the energy of her period for healing and vision the Animus is honoured and marriage occurs with her womanly Animus nature. Menstrual Blood was former used as sacrificial blood on earliest altars, when her psychic abilities were the greatest for rituals of healing magic and prophecy. Patriarchy then claimed it was dirty and started using animal blood instead in religious sacrifices. Alchemical substances like semen and menstruation blood can create illumination in sacred Lovemaking, red and white elixirs are mixing liquids called BODHICHITTA. The word Sabhat originally meant day of rest, when the goddess was menstruating. There was held a celebration of Shabat, when all Women went into a tent to bleed together, this was the beginning of rituals. When patriarchy took over in many cultures Women were suddenly not allowed to leave the house, cook, called impure, unclean, where regarded as a thread to the men and their gods. A host of taboos was established to deprive a woman from her fierce, assertive, autoerotic sexual nature because the power of the evolutionary female blood was seen as a thread to male domination. Patriarchal culture has succeeded in obliterating women’s memories of the magic of their moon times. Women now feel ashamed, resentful and depressed with the pain and humiliation of their blood, originally known as the source of all life. Advertising shows Women clothed all in white, totally denying the red energy and instead evoking the safe, pure, ideal of the white virgin. Deodorants cover up smell of iron, tampons cover up the sight of blood as nobody should notice the Woman is bleeding and leads to our denial of the natural body functions. Sexually rejected at this time, her selfacceptance and underlying denial and rejection of menstruation leads to pms and pain. The supressed rage over the rejection and debasement becomes redirected inwards. If a Woman does not know how to honor and creatively channel her menstrual energy, the rejected shadow side of her nature takes over, protesting as a raging force. PMS is the outcome of that our society does not provide any rituals for menstruation anymore, in a society where women’s menstruation has no positive value or meaning. The instinctual pull of the dark moon for Women to retreat is denied by modern society. We can pay attention to identifying our habitual negative attitude towards menstruation and start to honor our monthly cycle again, create rituals around it and stop hiding it- We can feel gratitude for it as men and as women as we return to unstanding it`s meaning.

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