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In order for a resurrection to occur something must die. What is it, we are supposed to allow to die, so we can reborn anew?

As the old dissolves and the new is reborn yet again, herein lies the resurrection of the sacred energies of women and men. Leading the charge to our return of true power and unconditional Love is the Lions of Love. They are the keys to the new, golden age of Unity Consciousness.

But without the sacred temple of the Divine Feminine, the key is useless. Therefore, in Divine Union, the Key opens the doors to the temple, and what is birthed is a new way of living, loving, and creating.

Before this level of Divine Union can happen, a union of trust must first be forged. That trust is born in the reinterpretation, re-definition, and re-framing of who and what is a Divine Masculine, just as much as it is for who and what is a Divine Feminine. This is where the Lions of Love serves as a bridge point, offering safe passage into a new world for those willing to let go of the past traumas, painful wounds, distorted views, and fearful projections of who and what constitutes a real man.

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