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Mary Magdalene

"The apostel of the apostels"



it is said her given name in aramaic at the time she lived on earth was marya- which means master or lord. this name elevated her to the status of leader or teacher. she was seen as the apostle of the apostles and the beloved of jesus. he was said to love her more than any woman and often kissed her on the mouth.

marya also translates as ‘mary in front’ or she who comes before. hidden in plain sight- a way shower in her own right. remember the bible says ‘blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth’. her entire story and the devaluation of her by the bible- with many seeing her as the lowest of the low, while hidden in plain sight she is the highest of the high- reminds me of this quote. she is meek, she has been hidden and almost entirely erased from history. and yet it is She who inherits the earth.

her biblical representation as a prostitute may be connected to her training as a temple priestess in ancient Egypt where they taught the rites of sacred sexuality and sex magic. she was a great healer, shaman, witch and priestess. she was the lunar current to jesus’ solar current. she was the yin to his yang, the bride to his bridegroom. the ceremonial washing of his feet was a known egyptian ritual that was only done by a man’s wife/priestess before a powerful initiation- which is precisely what he was heading into as his crucifixion was imminent.

the story of her having 7 demons expelled out of her is written in the bible to portray her as evil- but an alternate translation is that the 7 demons where the 7 deadly sins we ALL can succumb to. and having them expelled from her symbolized that they were so completely moved through and transformed that she became pure and innocent again as a new born child (just like jesus).

magdalene refers to magdala or migdal- a town she came from but also a term that meant tower. to be a magdalene is to be a tower or pillar of strength. this is a title- rather than a name. mary/marya/mara also has connection to the ocean or the sea- meaning ‘she who comes from the sea’. this is a symbol for the primordial waters of the womb that birthed everything here on planet earth. many ancient cultures have stories about the beginning of time and almost all of them start with primordial waters.

migdal is also greek for almond and is connect to the amygdala- an important part of our brain that governs emotion, survival instincts and memory. trauma healing requires a rewiring of the amygdala. we have 2 amygdalas- one in the right brain and one in the left. the right brain amygdala specializes in emotions like fear, anxiety and depression. the left brain amygdala specializes in emotions like happiness, bliss and elation.

the union of jesus and marya magdalene is symbolic of the union of heaven and earth, within and without, spirit and soul, body and mind, and the 2 hemispheres of the brain. their Union is a template and example of what is possible. some say marya magdalene’s role as partner and teacher along side jesus was removed from the bible as their Union showed that liberation and freedom were found within and could be activated in Divine Union. this meant no priest or church had the power to save people (and charge them for it)- that in fact people could save themselves. this path of freedom put the power solely in the people’s hands.

as within, so without

as above, so below

as the Universe, so the Soul

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